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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 25, The Shrouded World | Chapter 26, Night Watch.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Rosie McMullen hijack the ship?
(a) Shot Second Officer Chang in the leg.
(b) Held Second Officer Chang at gunpoint..
(c) Locked Second Officer Chang in a closet.
(d) Held Second Officer Chang hostage.

2. While continuing to study Ganymeade, what else does Van der Berg continue to study?
(a) Jupitor.
(b) Europa.
(c) Venus.
(d) Earth.

3. Where did Dr. Floyd help Chris get a job?
(a) On the spaceship Tsung.
(b) On the space hospital.
(c) On the spaceship Universe.
(d) On the spaceship Cosmos.

4. How many days did Europa revolve on its axis?
(a) Twelve earth-days.
(b) Seven earth-days.
(c) Nine earth-days.
(d) Six earth-days.

5. To be able to be a stop for the Pacific Spaceport travel line what had to be discovered and was on the Moon?
(a) Ice deposits.
(b) Sand dunes.
(c) Green grass.
(d) Dried creekbed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Lucifer? nebulae

2. Dr Floyd's return to Earth after his bone-breaking accident and following stay at the Space Hospital resulted in what?

3. Inside the cavern, with what was everything coated?

4. What did Dr.Chant observe that he reported to no one, except for with a sealed note?

5. With the loss of the Europa VI, who did van der Berg turn to for help in observing Europa out of the bright light of Lucifer?

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