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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21, The Politics of Exile | Chapter 22, Hazardous Cargo.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who would be chartering the reconnaissance mission granted by the Planetary Science Foundation?
(a) Captain Jovian.
(b) Captain Eric Laplace.
(c) Captain Lucifer.
(d) Rolf van der Berg.

2. Who was the first man to land on Mercury?
(a) William Chang.
(b) Rolph van der Berg.
(c) Edward Tsung.
(d) Clifford Greenberg.

3. About what did Maggie M'Bala complain?
(a) No one wanted her to be unhappy.
(b) No one thought to bring her a hairbrush.
(c) No one told her to come for dinner.
(d) No one told her to pack a swimming suit.

4. With whom did Dr. Floyd make his first outing on the comet?
(a) Yva Merlin.
(b) Victor Willis.
(c) Captain Smith.
(d) Maggie M'Bala.

5. What is Lucifer? nebulae
(a) A nebulae.
(b) A space hospital.
(c) A new planet.
(d) A rival to the sun.

Short Answer Questions

1. With the loss of the Europa VI, who did van der Berg turn to for help in observing Europa out of the bright light of Lucifer?

2. When Dr. Chant explores the center of the comet, what was a layer of mineral he saw?

3. Who was the director of the Hong Kong Planetarium?

4. How much money did Bund invest in Tsung Aerospace?

5. Who was Oom Paul?

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