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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 49, Shrine | Chapter 50, Open City.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How fast was the Universe traveling?
(a) Half as fast as any human being since the beginning of time.
(b) Twice as fast as any human being since the beginning of time.
(c) Slower than the ship that went to Europa.
(d) Not as fast as the voyage to the comet.

2. What was William Tsung's title?
(a) The only baby in the world.
(b) The cheapest baby in the world.
(c) The most expensive baby in the world.
(d) The oldest baby in the world.

3. What did Captain Smith use up his baggage allowance to bring on board?
(a) Shoes.
(b) Toilet paper.
(c) Vintage wine.
(d) Coffee beans.

4. Who was the Second Officer's famous grandfather?
(a) Dr. Heywood Floyd.
(b) Dr. William Tsung.
(c) Sir Lawrence.
(d) Dr. Anderson.

5. Only on what two planets are there Earth-like temperature regions?
(a) Saturn and Europa.
(b) Neptune and Jupitor.
(c) Ganymede and Europa.
(d) Venus and Pluto.

Short Answer Questions

1. On day five what surprise did Captain Smith reveal to the passengers of the Universe?

2. Dr. Chant was the group's speleologist, what was his profession?

3. When interviewed, Captain Smith was questioned about what?

4. Who was the first man to land on Mercury?

5. What did Van der Berg accuse Mr.Floyd of being?

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