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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 49, Shrine | Chapter 50, Open City.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Dr. Floyd ask to research Shaka?
(a) Oom Paul.
(b) George and Jerry.
(c) Rolf van der Berg.
(d) Chris Floyd.

2. Before the main course at dinner, what did Captain Smith do?
(a) Relay gossip obtained over the monitor.
(b) Decide the menu for the coming day.
(c) Decide who was going to be on duty the next day.
(d) Relay current information according to latest news.

3. What was Sebastian?
(a) A cat.
(b) A dog.
(c) A valet.
(d) A parrot.

4. What was one of the principle tourist attractions on Haley's Comet?
(a) The docking station.
(b) The geysers.
(c) Lake Mead.
(d) Lake Tuonela.

5. What did van der Berg's message to Earth mean?
(a) The diamonds are here.
(b) A alien named Lucy is present.
(c) He was the first human to be there.
(d) They arrived safely at the mount.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Floyd do while at the Great Wall?

2. Why did van der Berg stop Floyd from picking up the Europan dirt?

3. What was the Lady Jasmine?

4. At the beginning of the rescue mission, the Universe could be seen by whom?

5. Who did Second Officer Chris Floyd seek out for help after the ship is hijacked?

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