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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17, The Valley of Black Snow | Chapter 18, Old Faithful.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On day five what surprise did Captain Smith reveal to the passengers of the Universe?
(a) There would be a magic show at dinner.
(b) There would be a dance later that night.
(c) There was a swimming pool onboard the spaceship.
(d) There would be a special breakfast served in his honor.

2. Who was the captain of the Universe?
(a) Captain Cook.
(b) Captain Smith.
(c) Captain Beasley.
(d) Captain Starr.

3. About what did Maggie M'Bala complain?
(a) No one wanted her to be unhappy.
(b) No one told her to pack a swimming suit.
(c) No one thought to bring her a hairbrush.
(d) No one told her to come for dinner.

4. Captain Smith had few objections to what activity for the passengers?
(a) Going out of the spaceship to explore the comets surface.
(b) Going to Jupitor after the comet tour.
(c) Going to dinner after a long day.
(d) Going back to the space hospital ahead of schedule.

5. Who was the first man to land on Mercury?
(a) William Chang.
(b) Rolph van der Berg.
(c) Edward Tsung.
(d) Clifford Greenberg.

Short Answer Questions

1. Dr Greenberg asked for what after the announcement was made?

2. Who were Dr. Floyd's oldest and closest friends?

3. Who kept his stateroom tidy?

4. Dr Floyd's return to Earth after his bone-breaking accident and following stay at the Space Hospital resulted in what?

5. To be able to be a stop for the Pacific Spaceport travel line what had to be discovered and was on the Moon?

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