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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 33, Pit Stop | Chapter 34, Car Wash.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Old Faithful filled the fuel tanks with what?
(a) Comet slime.
(b) Muddy slurry.
(c) High octane gasoline.
(d) Sparlking pure water.

2. On day five what surprise did Captain Smith reveal to the passengers of the Universe?
(a) There would be a magic show at dinner.
(b) There would be a special breakfast served in his honor.
(c) There was a swimming pool onboard the spaceship.
(d) There would be a dance later that night.

3. As Dr. Chant left the cavern, why was he asked to return to ship?
(a) A time constraint.
(b) Running out of oxygen.
(c) An emergency.
(d) A small nick in his spacesuit.

4. Dr. Chant was the group's speleologist, what was his profession?
(a) A professional rock climber.
(b) A professional guide.
(c) A professional stunt man.
(d) A professional cave explorer.

5. What did refueling on Haley do for the Universe's flight plan?
(a) Go Ganymeade and wait for orbit.
(b) Go straight to Europa at maximum acceleration.
(c) Go to Lucifer and wait for a window to enter Europa.
(d) Go to Earth to get more fuel.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Rosie want Mr.Chang to land the ship?

2. What did Dr.Chant observe that he reported to no one, except for with a sealed note?

3. Why are cave-ins impossible on the comet's surface?

4. Who did Van der Berg think responsible for the hijacking?

5. To where was Tsung fleet's Cosmos designed to travel?

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