Daily Lessons for Teaching 2061: Odyssey Three

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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, The Frozen Years | Chapter 2, First Sight)


While Dr. Floyd is thinking about stepping onto Haley's comet, the author uses vivid imagery. The objective of this lesson is to raise student awareness of the use and importance of imagery.


1) Discussion: Have students list the words and phrases that bring to mind some specific image. How important are these descriptive words and phrases to the enjoyment of the story?

2) Classwork: Create a list of ten to twenty items easily seen in the classroom. Have students write a descriptive word or phrase that comes to mind. Open class discussion about the necessity for writers to use imaginative imagery - "marbled" rather than "brown" to describe a desk surface.

3) Homework: Have students re-write the scene in which Haley's comet is described, using different descriptive words to create the necessary imagery. Are there better words the author could have chosen?

4) Debate: Have the students debate how...

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