2061: Odyssey Three Fun Activities

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Europa's National Anthem

Europa is a virtually new planet with new life forms. Create a national anthem for this new place based on what is known from the book.

Monolith Diary

The Monolith is a conscious entity. Write a diary entry as the monolith about something that was revealed in the book. Remember that you are three entities in one.

Van der Berg's Jewelry Shop

Van der Berg owns his own jewelry shop now with the most expensive pieces being from Mount Zeus. Write up an advertisement about his store and the pieces sold there. Remember that what is going to draw the crowd is history on the diamonds.

Shaka Recruits Wanted

Shaka is running low on recruits since a vast majority in missions end with a termination policy. Create a recruitment program for Shaka giving their creed, what they strive to achieve and be sure and mention...

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