2061: Odyssey Three Character Descriptions

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Dr. Heywood Floyd

This character takes a trip to Haley's comet in his/her one hundred and third year of life. He/she makes a snowball while on the surface of the comet and throws it into space.

Dr. Rolf van der Berg

This character suspects that Mount Zeus is made of diamond and invests on the notion that the diamond market will react seriously to the news that Mount Zeus is a big diamond.

Sir Lawrence Tsung

This character becomes interested in space commerce and funds the building of Galaxy and Universe.

Rupert Chang

This character is a crew member of Tsien, a Chinese spaceship that lands on Europa before Jupiter ignites into Lucifer.

Captain Smith

This character is the commander for Universe, the spaceship that visits Haley's comet and rescues the crew and passengers of the hijacked Galaxy.

Captain Laplace

This character is the commander of...

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