2061: Odyssey Three Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1, The Frozen Years | Chapter 2, First Sight

• Dr. Floyd is103 years old, and although in good health, his body cannot tolerate going back to earth to live.

• Dr. Floyd is excited to be on the maiden voyage of the Universe since the space craft will take them to the surface of Haley's comet.

• As the comet gets closer Dr. Floyd can make out what he believes to be the light from the comet.

• Dr. Floyd thinks back to the images captured and how much he wants to step on the comet.

Chapter 3, Reentry | Chapter 4, Tycoon

• In past years humankind united when realizing they weren't the only intelligent beings in the universe.

• Dr. Floyd was forced to spend many years away from Earth, which extends his life, and he loses much of his family.

• Dr. Hessenstein refuses to demolish the planetarium even though Sir Lawrence offers him a large...

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