1Q84 Short Answer Test Questions

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1. What composer's music is playing in the radio in the taxi?

2. In which year was the symphony composed?

3. What is the definition of Aomame's name?

4. Which of the following is not a name Aomame would have chosen for herself?

5. What brand was the taxi?

6. In which year does the story take place?

7. Who calls Tengo in the middle of the night?

8. "Math is like ____."

9. Tengo says that when a person writes her confirms his ____.

10. How many times had Tengo been involved sexually with students?

11. How old is Fuka-Eri?

12. What does Tengo have for dinner?

13. Aomame searches the newspapers for a story about a gunfight that took place in Lake ____.

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