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Object Descriptions

Air Chrysalis - This is a short story written by Fuka-Eri to counterbalance the power of the Little People by exposing them.

Word Processor - This item is purchased by Tengo through Komatsu in order to rewrite a story.

Tengo's Manuscript - This item incorporates certain elements from "Air Chrysalis" into it, such as two moons in an eastern sky.

The Playground - This is the symbolic location where Tengo, Aomame, and Ushikawa can both see the two moons in the sky.

Two Moons - These objects in "1Q84" also appear in Fuka-Eri's story "Air Chrysalis".

Tokyo, Japan - This is the city where the majority of the novel "1Q84" occurs.

Willow House - This is a western-styled home surrounded by security walls which serves as a safe house for abused women.

The Sanatorium - This place is where Tengo's father is being kept as he dies...

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