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Objective: Tengo recalls his first memory from childhood and is traumatized by it. He has a physical reaction to the memory in public. The objective of this lesson is to discuss Tengo's memory and its impact.

1. Discuss Tengo's first memory. What is it? What kind of effect does it have on Tengo? Is the effect negative or positive? How do others react when they see Tengo's reaction? Was the reaction physical or psychological? Explain.

2. Class activity: Many writers often rely on feelings and memories for subject matter. Use a memory to create a poem. Have students write three poems using the same childhood memory. The memory can be assigned, personalized or voted on by students. Students should use past, present, and future tense in the poems and note the difference in tone and structure. Share with the class.

3. Class discussion: Which is the strongest of the five...

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