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Aomame - This character is a resident of Tokyo, Japan, and is a history and sports enthusiast.

The Taxi Driver - This character is a minor, yet crucial character in the novel "1Q84". He first tells Aomame that things are not as they appear, and tells her about an emergency stairwell that she could use to beat the traffic.

Tengo - An aspiring writer, this character's first memory is of his mother engaging in sexual relations with a man who was not his father.

Komatsu - This character is an editor at a magazine, and hires Tengo to do freelance work for him.

Fuka-Eri - This character is a seventeen year-old girl who writes the story "Air Chrysalis", which Tengo transforms and plunges him into 1Q84.

Professor Ebisuno - This character is an elderly and physically unimpressive former cultural anthropologist.

The Leader/Tamotsu Fukada - This...

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