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Part I, Chapter 1, Aomame | Part I, Chapter 2, Tengo | Part I, Chapter 3, Aomame

• Reader is introduced to Aomame.

• Reader is introduced to Tengo.

• Tengo meets with Komatsu to discuss Air Chrysalis.

• Aomame enters 1Q84.

• Aomame kills an evil businessman.

Part I, Chapter 4, Tengo | Part I, Chapter 5, Aomame | Part I, Chapter 6, Tengo

• Tengo meets Fuka-Eri.

• The novella is discussed.

• More of Aomame's character is revealed.

• Tengo begins rewrites.

Part I, Chapter 8, Aomame | Part I, Chapter 8, Tengo | Part I, Chapter 9, Aomame

• Aomame visits Willow House.

• Fuka-Eri dictates the novella.

• Fuka-Eri is concerned about the Little People.

• Aomame reads about the gunfight and discovers that she is in 1Q84.

Part 1, Chapter 10, Tengo | Part I, Chapter 11, Aomame | Part I, Chapter 12, Tengo

• The friendship between the professor and Fukada is discussed.

• Tengo learns about the commune.

• Aomame meets Ayumi.

• Fuka-Eri's childhood is discussed.

Part I, Chapter 13, Aomame | Part I, Chapter 14, Tengo | Part I, Chapter 15, Aomame

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