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Maureen Johnson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ginny do that flusters Keith?
(a) Offers to go with him to Hamburg.
(b) Puts the rest of the 500 pounds on the table.
(c) Kisses him on the cheek.
(d) Asks him to come to the States.

2. What other instructions did Ginny follow when packing?
(a) Pack neutral colors and for comfort.
(b) Bring lots of warm clothing.
(c) Pack no dresses.
(d) Pack lightly.

3. What does Peg claim about Mari?
(a) She will know what Ginny needs even if Ginny does not know.
(b) She is psychic.
(c) She can give Ginny a place to stay for as long as Ginny so desires it.
(d) She is the world's expert on romance.

4. How does Ginny decide to distribute the money?
(a) Buying tickets.
(b) She has not yet decided.
(c) Getting a lawyer to call the woman in.
(d) Getting a CPA to call the man in.

5. What can be seen in the Roman Forum?
(a) The tablets of Zeus.
(b) Symbols that have never been cracked.
(c) The remains of the statues of the Vestal Virgins.
(d) Large tiger carcasses.

Short Answer Questions

1. What surprises Ginny when they arrive at his flat?

2. What do Ginny and Keith drive to his next show?

3. What does David ask Ginny to do?

4. What does Keith do when Ginny gets angry?

5. What does the show seem like to Ginny?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Ginny meet Keith and what does he tell her?

2. What does Peg tell Ginny as far as traveling is concerned?

3. Where does Ginny go to search for artists, and what does she decide?

4. What is Ginny's experience the second night of Keith's show, and what does he do?

5. What does Ginny decide to do to get rid of the tickets she now holds and how many does she give away?

6. Who is Keith's roommate?

7. What is the first thing Ginny sees in Edinburgh and what does Keith say about her going alone? Where does the person she is going to see live?

8. How does Ginny meet Beppe?

9. Describe the process Ginny goes through to purchase the tickets.

10. How does Ginny meet Fiona and David and what does Keith tell her about them? How does she feel about Fiona's plans?

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