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Maureen Johnson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who wanted large underwear pants?
(a) The Duchess of Cornwall.
(b) Ginny.
(c) Aunt Peg.
(d) The Queen.

2. What does Keith say he does not like?
(a) Ginny meeting people alone who she's never met before.
(b) Ginny going around the world alone.
(c) What Ginny's aunt did.
(d) The theater.

3. Of what is Mari's house full?
(a) Statues.
(b) Cats.
(c) Paintings.
(d) Tapestries.

4. Why is Ginny unsure when she goes to an ATM machine to get some cash?
(a) Where she is supposed to take the money.
(b) How much money she is supposed to get.
(c) Aunt Peg was always broke.
(d) Whether she really is supposed to get money out of the machine.

5. Who is Richard?
(a) A man who worked for Ginny's aunt for 30 years.
(b) A man who shows Ginny how to read the subway map.
(c) Ginny's father.
(d) The man who answers the door at 54a.

6. What does the next letter from Peg discuss?
(a) Vestal Virgins.
(b) Rome.
(c) The large statues of Easter island.
(d) Zambia.

7. What does the show seem like to Ginny?
(a) Absolutely awful.
(b) Flawlessly performed but boring.
(c) Excellent.
(d) Disjointed.

8. What is Ginny to ask if she gets lost in Harrods?
(a) For a security cop.
(b) For Mrs. Wales.
(c) For a cab back to 54a.
(d) For Mr. Murphy in Special Services.

9. What does Ginny order when Keith insists on buying her a drink?
(a) A glass of white wine.
(b) A glass of red wine.
(c) A Guinness.
(d) A coke.

10. What is the flaw in Ginny's plan to help an artist?
(a) The lawyer may just keep the money.
(b) There is no flaw.
(c) The mime will have to pay taxes.
(d) She buys all the tickets so no one else will see the artist.

11. How does Aunt Peg die?
(a) Cancer.
(b) Car wreck.
(c) Heart attack.
(d) Plane crash.

12. What do Keith and Ginny do on the way to London?
(a) Sleep.
(b) Play cards.
(c) Discuss what Ginny's aunt did.
(d) Discuss Keith's production.

13. What made Ginny order what she did?
(a) She hasn't had a coke since she left the States.
(b) She knows white wine was Aunt Peg's favorite.
(c) She saw the drink advertised on the mirror.
(d) She knows red wine was Aunt Peg's favorite.

14. What do Ginny and Keith drive to his next show?
(a) An ancient Mercedes.
(b) A Land Rover.
(c) A VW.
(d) A Toyota.

15. What does David ask Ginny to do?
(a) Get him ice cream.
(b) Take his laundry to the cleaners.
(c) Get him coffee.
(d) Get him a street map of Berlin.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ginny decide to do after reading the letter from Peg?

2. What is Ginny supposed to do with 500 pounds?

3. What is Ginny to ask when she arrives at 54a?

4. When can Ginny open the 3rd envelope?

5. What does Aunt Peg say all great artists face?

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