13 Little Blue Envelopes Quiz | Eight Week Quiz G

Maureen Johnson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 12: Pages 305 - 320.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What had Peg's letter said not to bring?
(a) Anyone else.
(b) Guidebooks.
(c) Money.
(d) Her art stuff.

2. Where do Ginny, Richard and Keith go?
(a) To See Mari Adams again.
(b) To a museum.
(c) To meet with Cecil Gage-Rathbone.
(d) To Peg's grave.

3. Why is Ginny relieved when she uses the ATM?
(a) The card works though she thought she forgot the pin.
(b) The bank does not try to confiscate it.
(c) There is enough money to give Mrs. Knapp.
(d) There is more money in there than there had been.

4. What is Ginny to ask if she gets lost in Harrods?
(a) For a security cop.
(b) For a cab back to 54a.
(c) For Mrs. Wales.
(d) For Mr. Murphy in Special Services.

5. When is Ginny to go see Cecil?
(a) Monday.
(b) Thursday.
(c) In two weeks.
(d) Friday.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Ginny thrilled on the fifth day following the Knapp's around?

2. Of what is Mari's house full?

3. What was one of Aunt Peg's rules for Ginny's adventures?

4. What does Ginny do that flusters Keith?

5. Who invites Ginny to share a room at a hotel/hostel?

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