13 Little Blue Envelopes Quiz | Four Week Quiz B

Maureen Johnson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 11: 259 - 270 and Part 12: Pages 271 - 284.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Mari Adams?
(a) Peg's cousin twice removed.
(b) Peg's best friend.
(c) Peg's idol.
(d) Ginny's cousin twice removed.

2. What does Keith ask Ginny via IM?
(a) How her a'dam is.
(b) Why she isn't in Berlin yet.
(c) Why she hasn't returned to London.
(d) Where her keepers are.

3. Where is Ginny to stay when she arrives at her destination on the night train?
(a) The Rue de Rouge.
(b) The Oestering.
(c) Her aunt does not specify an exact place to stay.
(d) The Left Bank.

4. What does Ginny impulsively ask Keith?
(a) To go to Scotland with her.
(b) To reconnect with an old flame.
(c) To go to Berlin with her.
(d) To join the theater production.

5. How does Knud say he is living?
(a) Like a King.
(b) In lavish style.
(c) Like a Viking.
(d) Like a pauper.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does her aunt say Ginny can go to get her next assignment?

2. What does Ginny do when she gets back to Richard's flat?

3. What does Ginny follow?

4. How long has it been since Ginny has been to the 4th Noodle Penthouse?

5. What is Ginny's next task?

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