Objects & Places from 13 Little Blue Envelopes

Maureen Johnson
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4th Noodle Penthouse - Ginny's starting point in New York.

54a Pennington Street - Richard's home address in London, and Ginny's first stop as per her Aunt Peg's instructions.

Harrods - The department store where Richard works.

Izzy's Cafe - Home to a series of paintings called 'Sheila Studies' and not Ginny's selection for her mysterious benefactor gift.

Covent Garden - Located in the middle of London, it is one of the places Ginny goes to search for an artist worthy of her mysterious benefaction.

Starbucks The Musical - Created, produced, directed and designed by Keith Dobson, this is the show that Ginny selects.

White Sneakers - This is the Official Shoe of Tourists.

Goldsmith's - This is the name of the building in which Keith Dobson puts on his production of "Starbucks The Musical".

London Eye - This is the large Ferris wheel located across from...

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