13 Little Blue Envelopes Character Descriptions

Maureen Johnson
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Virginia Blackstone (aka Ginny; Pretzels)

She is seventeen - the same age as her Aunt Peg was when she ran away from home.

Margaret Bannister (aka Aunt Peg)

She died at the age of thirty five, having developed an aggressive form of cancer.

Richard Murphy

He works for Special Services in Harrods department store in London.

Keith Dobson

He is the writer, producer, designer and director of "Starbucks: The Musical".

Mari Adams

She is Peg's idol, and lives in Edinburgh.


She is the girl who opens the door when Ginny and Keith arrive at Mari Adams' home.

Ginny's mother

She is Peg's sister and Ginny's mother.


He is twenty years old and a student who is studying to be a teacher in Rome.

Michel Pienette

He is the man in the market in Paris who tells Ginny where the cafe is that Aunt Peg redecorated.

Olivia Knapp

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