13 Little Blue Envelopes Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Maureen Johnson
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Part 1: Pages 7 - 22; and Part 2: Pages 23 - 36

• Ginny Blackstone was given a brown package from London with 13 envelopes inside. It was from her aunt who had died.

• The second envelope, which she opened on the plane as instructed, contained a letter from her Aunt.

• The letter said to open the envelopes in order after the task in each previous envelope had been completed.

• In London the envelope had an ATM card and she was to go to an address and get the pin.

• She was to ask the occupant of 54a Pennington St. what that person gave the queen.
• The man at the address is named Richard and he gives her a quick tour and says she can stay in Peg's room.

• Richard takes Ginny with him to Harrods where he works and she wanders around for a while.

Part 2: Pages 37 - 50; and Part 3: Pages 51 - 58

• Ginny wakes...

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