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Short Answer Questions

1. In Sonnet LXXIV, Neruda describes a road that is "wet with the waters" of what month?

2. In Sonnet LXXI, Neruda says that love is like what kind of city?

3. In Sonnet XC, what is one thing Neruda does NOT say is meaningless after death?

4. In Sonnet LVII, who is defeated by the love between Matilde and Neruda's love?

5. What are Neruda and Matilde looking for in Sonnet LXXI?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Neruda ask of the "four-sided constellation" in Sonnet LXXXVI?

2. Where are Neruda and Matilde when they share a kiss in Sonnet C?

3. Why does Neruda write, "Woe is me, woe is me" at the beginning of Sonnet LXII?

4. What does the figurehead in Sonnet LxVIII appear to do that prompts Neruda to write about her?

5. What are Neruda and Matilde looking for in Sonnet XCV, and what do they plan to do once they find it?

6. What emotion is symbolized by the "calm slow flower, constantly held out" in Sonnet LXXXVII? What does Neruda see that makes him contemplate that emotion?

7. How does Neruda describe his homeland in Sonnet LXIII?

8. Why does Neruda urge Matilde to sleep in Sonnet LXXXIX?

9. What defeats envy and rancor in Sonnet LVI?

10. What does Neruda write are the effects of modern society's infatuation with flying in Sonnet XCVII?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In many of Neruda's sonnets, particularly those near the end of the 100 Sonnets, Neruda deals extensively with the concept of death. How does the author view death? What are his wishes for himself if Matilde dies before he does? What are his wishes for Matilde should he die first? What does he believe will happen to the souls of the two lovers after their deaths? Use quotes from the sonnets to support any assertions.

Essay Topic 2

Many of Neruda's poems focus extensively on different animals or insects. Choose three poems that contain examples of animals or insects, and examine the importance of those beings in the poem. Use specific examples from the book.

Essay Topic 3

Neruda includes images of many opposites in his poems, including heat and cold, order and chaos, love and hate, and innumerable others. Very often, the author compares and contrasts those opposites before incorporating both opposites into one unified concept. Analyze at least three poems that contain opposites, and explain how the author reconciles opposite concepts to create one unified idea. Be sure to use specific examples from the sonnets.

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