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Short Answer Questions

1. In Sonnet II, what ultimately brings Neruda and Matilde together?

2. In Sonnet XXXV, what brings morning and night to Neruda's eyes?

3. In Sonnet XLI, what month does Neruda associate with "rough times?"

4. In Sonnet III, Neruda compares "Bitter love" to what two objects?

5. In Sonnet XX, what phrase does Neruda use to describe Matilde?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Sonnet VII, what causes Neruda's emotions to burst forth like "geysers flooding from deep in its vault?"

2. In his dedication, how does Neruda compare his poems to those of other poets?

3. List some examples of how Neruda compares Matilde's body to the universe in Sonnet XVI.

4. What obstacles does Neruda and Matilde's love face in Sonnet XXVIII? Does their love survive?

5. What is Neruda looking at in Sonnet XXIV that inspires his phrase, "...so many blues -- heavenly blues, sunken blues --/ our eyes are a little confused?"

6. What is Neruda's state of being before he meets Matilde in Sonnet XXV?

7. In Sonnet XLV, what does Neruda say will happen to him if Matilde leaves?

8. List some examples of earth imagery Neruda uses to describe Matilde in Sonnet XXX.

9. Explain how Matilde acts as a healer and protector in Sonnet XXIII.

10. How does Neruda describe Matilde's hands in Sonnet XL?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Neruda includes images of many opposites in his poems, including heat and cold, order and chaos, love and hate, and innumerable others. Very often, the author compares and contrasts those opposites before incorporating both opposites into one unified concept. Analyze at least three poems that contain opposites, and explain how the author reconciles opposite concepts to create one unified idea. Be sure to use specific examples from the sonnets.

Essay Topic 2

Examine Neruda's opinions on literature as a whole, on poetry, on his own work and talent as a writer and on other poets. How does he feel about each subject? Support all arguments with specific examples.

Essay Topic 3

Analyze Neruda's use of food imagery. What objects or concepts does Neruda relate to food? What properties do the described objects and the food they are compared to have in common? What do the food images in Neruda's poems indicate about the poet himself and how he views the object being described? Support any assertions with examples from the text.

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