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Short Answer Questions

1. Which image does Neruda NOT use to describe Matilde in Sonnet XXIX?

2. In Sonnet XXXII, what title does Neruda give to Matilde?

3. In Sonnet V, what does Neruda say he forgot about Matilde before he was in love with her?

4. In Sonnet II, Neruda laments that his path to Matilde has been long and lonely. What two obstacles does Neruda say divide him and Matilde?

5. In Sonnet XXVII, Neruda describes Matilde as being as simple as what object?

Short Essay Questions

1. List some examples of how Neruda compares Matilde's body to the universe in Sonnet XVI.

2. What does Neruda say about Matilde's hair in Sonnet XIV?

3. How is Neruda affected by the "bitter love" he experiences in Sonnet III?

4. List some examples of earth imagery Neruda uses to describe Matilde in Sonnet XXX.

5. What is Neruda's state of being before he meets Matilde in Sonnet XXV?

6. in Sonnet V, what does Neruda realize after he wanders through the streets "like a man wounded?"

7. What imagery does Neruda use to compare Matilde to bread in Sonnet XIII?

8. In Sonnet XLV, what does Neruda say will happen to him if Matilde leaves?

9. What gives Neruda and Matilde the "eternal life of the Natural" in Sonnet XLVIII?

10. How does Neruda describe Matilde's hands in Sonnet XL?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Neruda includes images of many opposites in his poems, including heat and cold, order and chaos, love and hate, and innumerable others. Very often, the author compares and contrasts those opposites before incorporating both opposites into one unified concept. Analyze at least three poems that contain opposites, and explain how the author reconciles opposite concepts to create one unified idea. Be sure to use specific examples from the sonnets.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout his 100 Sonnets, Neruda makes extensive use of metaphor and conceit to describe certain concepts or objects that are important to him. Analyze Neruda's use of metaphor and conceit throughout the text, using examples from at least at least four different sonnets. What does Neruda achieve by using metaphor and conceit instead of literal descriptions of the described object or concept? Use quotes from the book to support all assertions.

Essay Topic 3

Assess Neruda's use of the sonnet as a form of poetry. How are Neruda's poems similar to traditional sonnets? How are they different? How does Neruda view his sonnets when he compares them to those of other poets? Be specific.

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