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Breadappears in Dedication, Sonnets XIII, XV

Matilde is frequently described as this. This emphasizes her basic simplicity, her earnestness and her earthiness. She is like a simple sustenance for Neruda to enjoy.

Woodappears in Dedication, Sonnets XV, XLVII

Neruda states that he makes his sonnets out of this. Neruda describes this as a basic gift of the earth, without pretensions, a difficult but solid material to work with.

Lightappears in Sonnets XVI, XXI, XXXV

Matilde is, many times, likened to this object/substance. This reference symbolizes how Neruda views Matilde; she brings life to death, knowledge to ignorance, being to non-being.

Pumaappears in Sonnet XI

In one Sonnet, Neruda is this, which stalks the streets, desperately hungry. This image describes Neruda's mental state of being before he found love with Matilde.

Isla Negraappears in Sonnet XIX, XL, LXVII

Neruda established a home on this location in Chile. Its...

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