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Lesson 1 (from Dedication - X)


Neruda's dedication and his sonnets are full of metaphors that describe innumerable objects and concepts. This lesson will cover metaphor as a literary device, and will enable students to recognize and comprehend metaphors throughout Neruda's 100 Sonnets.


1) Class Discussion: Lead a discussion with students about metaphor as a literary device. What is a metaphor? What is a difference between metaphor and simile? What are some advantages of using metaphor instead of describing something in a literal manner? How is Neruda's description of his poems as wood a metaphor? What metaphor does Neruda use to describe Matilde's name in Sonnet I?

2) Group Activity: Split students into small groups. Ask each group to read Neruda's dedication and Sonnet I. What metaphors does Neruda use in those works? Make a list of metaphors Neruda uses. Be ready to present answers to the rest of the class.

3) Analysis: Choose one...

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