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The Speaker, The Authorappears in Throughout

This character's most obvious trait is his eternal, passionate and fierce love for his subject, Matilde.

The Subject, The Lovedappears in Throughout

This character is Neruda's third wife and the object of Neruda's great affection.

Detractorsappears in Sonnets LVII, LVIX

These characters most likely pan his poetry and other writing, and are critical of Neruda's strong socialist/communist views and political statements.

Acario Cotaposappears in Sonnet L

This friend of Neruda and Matilde, a composer, is mentioned as remarking upon Matilde's unusual and striking laughter.

The Girl, The Figureheadappears in LXVIII

Neruda remarks upon this object, found among wreckage on the beach. The object looks on into eternity and yet is not alive.

My Ugly Loveappears in Sonnet XX

Neruda gently chides this character as ugly, remarking upon her small breasts and big mouth, for example.

Pre-Love Speaker Nerudaappears in Sonnets XXII, XXV

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