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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Iphigenia Among Taurians.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. "Medea": Whom does Medea kill?
(a) Jason's new wife and Creon.
(b) Jason's new wife, Jason, and Creon.
(c) Jason, her children, and Jason's new wife.
(d) Jason's new wife, Creon, and her children.

2. "Medea": What has Aegeus been consulting with the oracle to discover?
(a) How he can get to Jason.
(b) How he can kill Creon.
(c) How he can get children.
(d) How he can live as a king.

3. "Andromache": How is Peleus described?
(a) As a young man.
(b) As a strong man.
(c) As a wise man.
(d) As an old man.

4. "Andromache": Of what place is Menelaus king?
(a) Athens.
(b) Corinth.
(c) Sparta.
(d) Delphi.

5. "Alcestis": What does the chorus think the upcoming death Admetus's wife is like?
(a) Sealing.
(b) Farce.
(c) Sacrifice.
(d) Gift.

Short Answer Questions

1. "Andromache": Where is Andromache from?

2. "Hippolytus": Who gave Theseus the wish he uses to call down death on Hippolytus?

3. "Alcestis": What does Admetus's wife make him promise not to do after she dies?

4. "Alcestis": Who helped Admetus cheat the Fates?

5. "Andromache": With what does Peleus threaten to beat Menelaus to death?

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