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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Trojan Women.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. "Hippolytus": Who warns Hippolytus not to anger the other gods?
(a) An attendant.
(b) A friend.
(c) A commoner.
(d) A nurse.

2. "Trojan Women": Before the Greeks take her to whom is Cassandra is a servant?
(a) The gods.
(b) The queen.
(c) The king.
(d) The fates.

3. "Medea": What does Medea need to find before she carries out her plans for Jason?
(a) A safe haven for her flight.
(b) A place to go.
(c) A safe home for her children.
(d) Money to travel.

4. "Andromache": Which goddess's shrine is Andromache in for refuge?
(a) Artemis's.
(b) Athena's.
(c) Thetis's.
(d) Hera's.

5. "Medea": Whom does Medea kill?
(a) Jason's new wife and Creon.
(b) Jason's new wife, Creon, and her children.
(c) Jason, her children, and Jason's new wife.
(d) Jason's new wife, Jason, and Creon.

Short Answer Questions

1. "Hippolytus": What action does Phaedra believe is better than doing wrong?

2. "Trojan Women": What is the name of Andromache's young son?

3. "Ion": During what event must Xuthus have impregnated a local girl according to Ion and Xuthus?

4. "Ion": What condition do Xuthus and Creusa travel to the oracle to cure?

5. "Andromache": Of whom is Andromache a widow?

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