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Athens - This place was the home of Euripides and a major Greek city-state during this period.

Sparta - This place was a major city-state in the time of Euripides.

Mycenae - This place, at the time of the Trojan War, was led by King Agamemnon and was the most powerful city-state in the Greek world.

Troy - This place was an important trading center in Asia Minor.

Thebes - This place was an important city-state in ancient Greece and the site of many tragedies.

Delphi - This place was the home of the oracle of Apollo.

Thyrsus - This was a staff with a kind of pinecone on the end.

Maenads - These were the crazed women followers of Dionysus.

Libations - These were poured in ceremonial settings, often also used to placate the spirits of the dead when poured on their graves.

Chorus - This...

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