10:04 Fun Activities

Ben Lerner
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Watch a Film

Watch the Charlie Kaufman-penned film Adaptation. Then host a discussion about the parallels between the meta aspects of the film and the decidedly meta qualities of the novel 10:04, and how they both utilize characters with careers in writing in order to create extra layers of complexity.

Read a Piece of Literature

Read a poem by one of the many poets mentioned within the text, such as Wallace Stevens or William Bronk. Create a display of your favorite lines from the poem and write a paragraph describing connections you see between your chosen poem and the text of 10:04.

Choose a Musical Accompaniment

Choose a scene from 10:04 and then choose a piece of music you think would provide a fitting accompaniment for the mood of that scene. Share your choice of music with the class as you read the scene aloud.

Create a Best Friend Venn Diagram

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