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The Role of Snowball in "Animal Farm"

Summary: A character sketch of the boar Snowball in George Orwell's "Animal Farm." Snowball is intelligent, passionate and devious and tries to spread "animalism" throughout the farm to improve the society.
In George Orwell's "Animal Farm," Snowball is a very intelligent, passionate and devious boar. Snowball is less in control from Napolean, yet gives him a challenge. Though Snowball knows right from wrong, and what to do to prove it. Snowball throws himself heart and soul in the attempt to spread animalism world wide, and tries to improves animal farm's beliefs.

Snowball wins the loyalty over the other animals after the Rebellion. Snowball done a lot for the animals. He taught them how to read and write, though few animals besides the pigs learned to read well. Snowball is a "young boar" and also "quicker in speech, and more inventive" than Napolean. Snowball is a lot more organized and up for the job of codifing Old Major's ideas into the Commandments of Animalism.

Snowball is the one who organizes the animals into various committees: The Egg Production Committee for Hen's, The Clean Tail League For Cows, The whiter Woal Movement for the Sheep, and various others. Snowball was the boar most animals looked up to, and the animal who kept the other animals in line. Most of the things that Snowball did, Napolean wouldn't have done, despite his urge to always be in control. Snowball never wanted any of that, but to see things the right way.

Snowball was seemed to be more creative and quicker in speech, but not considered as 'deep' as Napolean."Pre-eminent among the pigs were two young boars named Snowball and Napolean." These two boars have the charisma and strength to be good leaders, though Napolean of the two, takes over the lead, and full leadership. While, eventhough getting no recognition for it, Snowball continues to better the farm. While Napolean was more hidden in the shade, Snowball was more of the actice and out there boar.

Snowball should have been leader between Napolean and him. Since it worked out the other way, Snowball was soon exiled from the farm, and forgotten about from the minds of the animals, because of Napolean. Snowball was soon driven out by the attack dogs Napolean had pushed on him, and he had never come back. Despite the ideas, thoughts, and the things he had done for the Farm, every animal had erased him from their minds, and Snowball meant nothing to them.

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