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Techniques Used in "Daffodils"

Summary: In his poem "Daffodils," Willliam Wordsworth used a variety of language techniques to describe a field of daffodils beside a bay that he admired. The techniques he used include alliteration, personification, rhyme, simile, and repetition.
How does the poet use language to present his topic?

Daffodils is a poem by William Wordsworth. In this poem, the poet describes a field of daffodils beside a bay which he admired. He use a various of language technique. He uses alliteration, personification, rhyme, simile, Repetition.

The poet uses alliteration to present his topic. An example of alliteration is in the very last line of the last stanza. He uses "And dances with the daffodils." He repeats the "dances" and "daffodils" because hard, crisp sound appropriate for tone of poem - about golden daffodils it sounded that the poet having a happy time.

In the poem, William Wordsworth also use personification "Fluttering and dancing in the breeze", the poet likes to use the word fluttering and dancing because he like to see the daffodils move in a constant motion. Another example is in the last line in the second stanza "Tossing their heads in sprightly dance." The poet uses this alliteration to show his point to daffodils.

"Daffodils" also have rhyme pattern throughout the poem. The pattern is "A-B-A-B-C-C." In stanza one the poet use "cloud, hills, crowd, daffodils, trees, breeze." I think that Wordsworth use rhyme to indicate what he can see in the field. He also use simile. "Continuous as the stars that shine." It means that the poet like the view of the earth and the stars in the night. The poet also used repetition at the poem it repeat "dance" throughout the poem. The poet trying to get point across the poem.

The poet is probably trying to tell how beautiful the daffodils in a field next to a bay in a dark night and the hard crisp sound appropriate tone with the waves. The narrator like the land feature in the field

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