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Eliza Doolittle - Pygmalion

Summary: A character analysis of Eliza Doolittle in the play "Pygmalion."

Eliza Doolittle is a young women living very poorly on the streets of London, when one day she overhears a man who says he could help her and change her accent. She keeps this in mind because her aim in life is to become a flower shop girl but was turned down because she was not lady-like with her cockney accent and awful dress-sense. The next day she visits this man, asking for his help to make her a true lady.

Eliza Doolittle being an east-end girl who is very poor did not attend school and is uneducated. Although she is uneducated this does not mean she is not smart, quick and clever. She uses her tactical thinking to pretend to whine and to moan and to make people believe or help her in different ways. She is very ambitious seeing as she will...

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