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Plot Summary of "Night"

Summary: A summary of the Elie Wiesel's autobiographical "Night," a story about Jewish persecution under the German Nazi regime.
In Elie Wiesel's "Night" Elizer is a young boy living in the town of Siphet in Hungary with his parents and sisters around the year 1941 in a Jewish community. His story begins when he meets a man named Moshe the beadle who is a local pauper and is expelled out of his town for being a foreign Jew. When Moshe returns to the village after several months he brings back horrible news about how the deportation trains were handed over to the German Gestapo and that all the Jews had to dig there own graves for themselves while the Gestapo killed off every one individually.

Bringing this news back to the village just made him look crazy and foolish and no one believed what he had to say. Soon after this news was brought back the Germans occupied Hungary and took all the Jews rights away by arresting all Jewish community leaders, confiscating all valuables, made every one were yellow stars and put everyone into small ghettos behind barbwire fences, but this was only the begging.

After this the Jews are forced to cram on trains heading for Aushwitz not knowing what will await them. When they arrived at Aushwitz everyone was seperated into different groups, the weak were killed on the spot and Elizer and his father remain together while his mother and sisters were seperated from them and never seen again while the weak were killed on the spot. Luckily Elizer and his father find out from a fellow prisoner that they should lie about there age so they aren't split up and killed. While their life are on the edge the Nazis tell all the Jews they could either work or be burnt to death.

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