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"Twelfth Night" as Shakespearean Comedy

Summary: William Shakespeare's play "Twelfth Night" displays all the typical features of Shakespearean comedy. Among these features are the main characters' high social status, the play's Mediterranean setting, and an element of disguise or mistaken identity. They also include serious characters with a problem, often that of love, that is resolved through a happy ending. And they include comical characters who are unaware of their comical behavior, and whose endings are often unhappy ones.

TASK: In what ways does "Twelfth Night" exhibit the features of a typical Shakespearian comedy?

Four hundred years ago, one William Shakespeare was born in a village called Stratford-Upon-Avon. Little did he know he would become the most highly regarded writer in the English language. In total Shakespeare wrote thirty-eight plays, many of which are still performed to this day. Shakespeare stuck to three main types of plays, comedies, tragedies & historic recollections

. The play that I will discuss, Twelfth Night, falls into the comedy category of Shakespeare's great works. Shakespeare's comedies always displayed certain common features. These common features were things like the main characters are often of a high social status & the setting being a Mediterranean one. These serious characters begin with a problem that has to be resolved, often it being love. Other characters are comical because of their...

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