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Anorexia Nervosa

Summary: Anorexia nervosa is a form of self-starvation that can lead to severe emaciation. Fear of maturity and stress, the feeling of losing control, peer pressure, and the desire to fit in are among the causes of anorexia, which can lead to heart failure, kidney disease, or other fatal health problems. In emergency cases in which the patient is severely underweight, hospitalization can be required.

Which is better, eating lucious food, or being as thin as a model? Anorexia Nervosa is a form of self-starvation that can lead to severe emaciation. To fully understand anorexia nervosa one must understand the causes, the effects, and the available treatments for the disease.

There are several reasons that cause a person to become anorexic. Fear of maturity and stress are just a couple of these reasons.(Maloney, 59). These people may feel like they are losing control of their bodies, and that their body weight is the one aspect of growth that they can control.(Maloney, 31-32). Also, they might feel pressured by their peers. For example, maybe they feel that all their friends have perfect bodies, so they feel pressured to be like them. Wanting to have a perfect body leads to another cause of the disease, wanting to "fit in." Maybe these people are starving for attention and seek love and protection. Regardless of all of these insecurities, the disease is extremely unhealthy.

The effects of anorexia nervosa can be fatal. This self-starvation disease actually kills up to thirty percent of it's victims.(Maloney, 59). Obviously, the number one effect of anorexia is severe weight loss. Sometimes as much as fifteen percent or more of the normal body weight. Another effect is mal-nutrition. Mal-nutrition can lead to vitamin deficiency and low blood pressure.(Gay, 57). Anorexia may lead to another disease with the name of Amenorrehea. Amenorrehea is when a woman's menstruation stops completely because her body can not afford to lose the nutrients that are released during her period.(Maloney, 51). Anorexia Nervosa may also lead to any of the following fatal health problems: heart failure, kidney disease, or just severe emaciation.

The best cure for anorexia is simply to eat. (Matthews, 29). Hospitalization is the frontline emergency treatment for anorexia. Some hospitals will employ feeding techniques such as feeding tubes if the patient is just slightly emaciated. (Matthews, 36). Another option for help would be to attend a Residential Treatment Facility. Many facilities recommend prolonged hospitalization, up to two months. During this time the patient is fed and monitored until passed the immediate dangers of being severely underweight.(Matthews, 37).

The causes, the effects, and the treatments for anorexia help one to better understand the disease. People have different ways of dealing with the stresses of everyday life. Unfortunately anorexia is a fatal way to deal with life that many people choose.

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