Student Essay on Animal Farm

Animal Farm by George Orwell

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Unlike any animal on Animal Farm, Boxer is the most loyal. With his superior strength, there is nothing he cannot do. Unfortunately, he very stupid and because of this, the pigs use him for there own personal gain. Finally, his strength runs out.

Every creature on this earth deserves a fair and equal life. Was this not the cause of the rebellion? Boxer, who is so loving and caring, is really stupid. If all the other animals on the farm were clever enough to think for themselves they would not have to work so hard and be slaves. Everyday in the world, people all around do not go to school.

If they would get an education their lives would not be so bad.

Humans, just like the pigs did, take control over all the animals around the world.

We manipulate the lives of other living things around us. We destroy their homes, and their food. With all the advanced technology we have today, why can't we make lives easier for us and them at the same time? Surely, it could be done if we tried. I'm sure we could help the lives of all the creatures on this planet.

We should treat all animals with respect. The Pigs on Animal Farm should treat the animals with kindness, especially since the pigs are in positions of power. Napoleon needs to be a worker on that farm. There should not be any one person on this planet with overall power. Boxer was an extremely loyal worker, yet they worked him like a slave. Would Napoleon, If Boxer was the leader, want to be treated like he treats Boxer right now? No! So he should Boxer the way he would wish to be treated.

Everybody should treat each other the way they wish to be treated. That's the moral of this story. Especially if you have positions of power.