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The Outsiders Response

Summary: A reaction to S.E. Hinton's novel The Outsiders, focusing on chapters 7-12.
Chapter 7-12 were very suspenseful chapters. There was a lot of action in chapter 9 when the Socs fought the greasers. The rumble showed me how strong the gang (greasers) could be when they were fighting for someone they cared about. I was very surprised when Ponyboy fought in the rumble because after the talk with Randy, Ponyboy realized that if they beat the Socs it will not make the greasers any higher in the classes.

I was proud of Johnny when he wouldn't let his mom in to see him. Even though it was his mother, and he was in critical condition, she did not deserve to see him. I believe that the only reason she wanted to see him was because Johnny was labeled as a "hero" in the newspaper. She was always mean to him and did not to be treated well after all the...

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