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Teacher Whom I Remember

Summary: A personal narrative about the importance of education and the need for teachers to show that to their students.

I am working on my math degree in elementary education. As a teacher I would like to make a similar impact on the student's life as my math teacher. This teacher is who I considered is my hero or at least a person whom I like to be as a teacher. My middle school math teacher provided us not only with rules about math problem solving, but with the rules for every day living.

Many years went by from my last day in her classroom. I am even on the other side of the globe, but I still remember her words, that we only can make choices how to live our lives, how people will see us and what they will remember about us. She has explained to us the importance of education for a success in life. Yes, we need education for our selves, not for somebody else. We need education not only to be more successful and achieve higher goals in life, but to find our personal purpose in life. We are humans not animals, we require more than just food and pleasure. As a teacher I would like to pass this knowledge to the students and explain to them that there is more in life then clothes, cars and houses.

Recently I watched a movie "Coach Carter." I was moved by the main character, Coach Carter. He showed a prefect example of a role-model who cares about students, he showed that you have to be strong to achieve high goals, and most of all he showed that you have to believe in the students no mater where they come from. We as educators have to believe that our students not only can, but have to do better. We live in a time when no one can survive without education and we have to show that to our students.

I would like to be remembered by the students as a teacher who provided them with guidance in their lives. Someone, who believed in them, who challenged them, and who prepared them for the world outside the school walls.

This section contains 352 words
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