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"Doors of Daring": Living Life to the Fullest

Summary: Henry Van Dyke uses symbolism and figurative to express the theme that one should live life to its fullest. Saying that one must take some risks in order to live a full life, Van Dyke enables the reader to look at life through a new perspective, which presents another way to look at whatever conflicts one encounters.

Doors of Daring

Many poets use their works to depict morals and lessons that will help other people in life. Henry van Dyke is poet that uses symbolism in order to show his moral, which is to "live life to its fullest." The poem states "The Mountains that close the valley with walls of granite steep and high invite the fearless foot to scale their stairway towards the sky." Dyke's Mountains in this poem represent fear and discourage "steep and high" overwhelming the valley which represents bravery and courage. When Dyke writes, "Inviting the fearless foot to scale," This means that, people who are yearning for adventure must take risks before ever getting out of the "mountains that enclose the valley." Dyke uses his skills of figurative language to reveal his poem's theme.

In the third paragraph down, Henry van Dyke writes: "The bars of life at which we fret, That seem to prison and control, Are, but the doors of daring, set Ajar before the soul." Using his use of figurative language. The poem means that although it looks like one is trapped among all the pressure and temptations, they are actually doors opening to a new consequence, reward, or challenge. Henry van dyke wants us to know that if looked in the opposing view, the task at hand might not be as hard as it once was.

"Say not, "too poor," but freely give; Sigh not, "too weak," but boldly try;" A line from Dyke's poem Doors of Daring. This statement means that don't give up after the first time, but try and try again. And on your first attempt, don't be negative and turn away, but try with all your might. Henry van Dyke wants us to know that perseverance and bravery go hand in hand in order to even start on the road to success.

In all of the lines of his poem, Doors of Daring, Henry van Dyke shows that in order to live a full life, some risks must be taken. To look at life in a new perspective is another way to look at the conflicts ahead.

This section contains 356 words
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