Student Essay on Fahrenheit 451 Open Response

Fahrenheit 451 Open Response by Ray Bradbury

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The book "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury was butchered in the movie, I do not think it went by the book very well.

One of the ways that the movie butchered the book was by that it did not do the appearance of characters in Fahrenheit 451. One example is that in the book Montag's wife's name is Mildred, but in the movie, for some reason, called her Lynda. Also in the book there is a Mechanical Hound that plays a decent role, but in the movie there is no Mechanical Hound what so ever.

Another way the movie butchered to book is by the plot itself. In the book Clarisse disappears from the book around the second part of the book, and they say she died in a car crash, but in the movie Clarisse is alive the whole time and tells him things that Faber (another character they did not show in the movie) should have told him instead. Another thing is that it does not keep the scenes in the correct setting. For example when Beatty tells Montag about books and the history of firemen they are in Montag's house in the book, but in the movie they are in Beatty's office, in the fire house.

The last thing of how the movie butchered the book is by the description of objects from Fahrenheit 451. One example is the wall size televisions in Montag's house. In the book, it took up the size of three walls, but in the movie it was about the size of a fifty-two inch plasma screen television. Another example is the way they burned the books in the movie. In the book they pour kerosene all over the place then set fire to all of it, but in the movie they sit on them on this trampoline like thing then he uses the blow torch to burn them.

In conclusion the movie is very bad at portraying the book and the book is definitely better then the movie. Just like how every movie of a book is.