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Mind Control in "1984"

Summary: The characters of Winston and Julia succumb to the government's mind-control techniques in George Orwell's "1984."
Throughout the novel 1984, one main theme is infused. That theme is mind control and what its everlasting effects can do. Mind control takes its biggest victims in the forms of the main characters, Winston and Julia. These two characters are a perfect example of the inevitable outcome of mind manipulation.

Winston was once a lower party member in a world of drones, who began to regain control of his mind and independence. In a city of enemies, Winston found trust in the form of a girl by the name of Julia, who shared in his feelings of restlessness. They began to rebel. By having a secret and illegal love affair, they broke a carnal rule in their society. This clumsy series of actions actually lead to their capture and demise of any independence they had gained. As the novel progresses, Winston began making foolish and costly mistakes, such as trusting characters who were in fact, under cover party members, and their sworn enemies.

Winstons hatred for the party slowly progresses, along with his yearning to join a secret brotherhood, who is in the fight against big brother. Julia, who is against big brothers rules, does not quite share in Winston's intensity, and at this point they began to fall apart. Winston finally realizes that their affair could never last and he begins to feel "un-love" toward Julia. The pair of heretics get captured above their trusted friends shop, and get taken to the dreaded ministry of love. Winstons torture ensues and he is forced to give up the one person in the world whom he trusted, Winston exclaims "Do it to Julia, Do it to Julia! Not me!..." showing that mind manipulation can turn one away from their deepest feelings.

The party used Winston's biggest fear to coerse him into acceptance, he was once again a robot to big brother. Julia, the once strong minded and independant girl, became lifeless and rigid, just like the other party women. In the end Big Brother's power over the mind prevailed through rebellion, hatered, and love.

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