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The Affects of Globalization

Summary: Globalization affects us in many ways; and we should analyze each impact carefully to prevent negative impacts.
Globalization has affected economies and cultures in many ways. Such as the manufacturing jobs leaving America, more environment destruction, and limited energy resources giving power to certain nations. Globalization affects us all.

The expansion of the world's economy led to an increase in productions of goods and services so that many nations benefited, but globalization has also caused the manufacturing jobs to move out of developed nations and into emerging nations for cheaper labor. Thus, Americans lost jobs due to foreign imports. Those for free trade argue that the Americans gain jobs due to American exports, better jobs, because as technology advances more jobs are open to the American people, but there's a change in the type of jobs needed. Thus, putting the Americans who were trained for manufacturing jobs out of work. So, there will be a struggle at first, but hopefully it will be better for generations to come, they thought. In general, it has benefited the generations because the developed nations now have a higher standard of living than before even after the struggle of the loss of jobs at first.

Activities essential for industry and trade require the use of much energy resources used to provide energy are in limited supply so the nations that have the necessary resources gain power. Generally, the nations that have the necessary energy resources only have that as a way to gain power. So when Iraq decided to invade Kuwait for more oil (more power) that ended up causing the Persian Gulf War.

Not only are the resources needed to produce energy affecting politics, but it is also affecting the environment, causing air pollution, acid rain, and global warming. Also, manufacturing processes release chemicals called chlorofluorocarbons which destroy the ozone in Earth's upper atmosphere. Manufacturing results in habitat destruction that comes from land developments, thus, many plants and animals are becoming extinct. This affects globalization because Multinational Corporations select spots where the raw materials, labor or regulations are cheapest. Which was generally the emerging nations that have less strict environmental regulations than the industrial nations to make the process easier and less expensive. In this process they were often operated irresponsibly such as dumping poisonous chemical wastes on Mexican soil.

In conclusion, globalization affects us in many and we should analyze each impact carefully to prevent negative impacts.

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