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"Rules of the Game" in Society

Summary: Certain "rules of the game" exist in society. The questions are: How safely can one refuse to play by those rules? And, what are the consequences of not playing by those rules?
Every game has its rules. If you don't want to respect them, you're out of the game.

There are rules in society, too. By rules, I mean certain limits that cannot be crossed by anyone, certain types of conduct that are not well accepted. There are two ways: firstly, to follow these rules and secondly, to do it the hard way, e.g. go against them.

Following the rules isn't bad at all. They help regulate people's relations and not let them become improper. Every person loves freedom and wants to be respected. But freedom is not unlimited. One is free as long as he does not penetrate others' freedom. And here comes the part of the rules. They control the degree of freedom one can afford.

Some people do not respect society rules. Usually they are called outsiders. Some of they play their own game with their own rules, which are often different from well-known norms. But since they don't stand in someone else's way or do harm to anyone it's all right. But one decides that he's all by himself on the Earth, it becomes dangerous. Such a person thinks he can do whatever, whenever, wherever he wants to without taking into consideration other peoples' opinion.

I see society as a marathon race where athletes are allowed to pass by others, to change their position on the road, but they are not allowed to obtrude others. Human society also resembles animal society There are exactly the same rules, but animals always behave, respecting these rules and that's why there is such a strict order and such harmony in their world.

Without any hesitation I do believe that rules in human society are really needed. In different situations people react very individually and no one can predict one's behaviour in a certain situation. I consider that we should follow society's rules, mostly because, after all, we live in this society, we're not lonesome people on a lonesome planet.

This section contains 331 words
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