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"Circle of Life" by Elton John

Summary: A brief analysis of the song "Circle of Life," perofrmed by Elton John. The song, featured in the animated movie "The Lion King," presents a spiritual slant on the life journey we all take and opens our minds to life's boundless possibilities.
The song `Circle of Life' performed by Elton John, presents a spiritual slant on our life journey, appealing to our imagination by opening our minds to the boundless possibilities. This is established by the steady rhythm sending us into a trance and by the soothing and reflective sounds of the flute setting a mood where the listener is able to overcoming adversity.

African tribal chanting in the introduction immediately conveys spirituality's association with exoticism and as in Lim's extract we seek new places to gain a greater understanding of ourselves. The first part of lyrics begins with an escalating crescendo is uplifting accompanying the truism that not all possible opportunities can be taken. This is then followed by the didactic message that Life is short so don't waste it. The second stanza contrasts the encompassing `all are agreed' with the `some say' initiating the previous two lines sharing the message that `you should never take more than you give' with universal listeners. Yet again the imagination is involved in the inner journey as the chorus calls for a `Leap of faith' and `band of hope'. Repetition and word placement of the phrase `circle of life' in the first and last lines of the stanza emphasises the continuity of life. These ideas are synchronised with the incorporation of drums in the background adding vitality to the journey by building the pace. The next stanza builds in the flute urging us to take and make best of things, despite the obstacles we may encounter.

The last paragraph enforces the fact that the imagination means possibilities are boundless. Though the imagination may be intangible every opportunity counts as we are searching for self improvement. The increase in volume towards the ends with drum which is about hope leaving us with hope a forward movement and the joy of being `blessed and altered' is evident in the vitality of the beat

This section contains 319 words
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