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Pakistan Should Host the Olympics

Summary: A position paper that argues for Pakistan being given a chance to host the Olympics.
The first thing that comes to mind when you mention the word sports is are the Olympic Games.The Olympics are perhaps the most prestigious sporting

extravaganza in history. The Olympic games originated in the proud city of

Athens. This event personifies the word honor. Only the athletes can tell

you what joy it is to be participating in the Olympics supporting your country, the millions in the world. But my intention is not to write

about the Olympics. My purpose for writing this composition is to write why Pakistan deserves the Olympics.I believe that Pakistan and the Olympics have much in common. The word Olympics defines the term cultural background, and Pakistan is the very epitome of culture. The Mohenjodaro Dynasty, the Mughals and many more.

Come to think of it, Pakistan is unknown in the west, and this could be our

chance to get some recognition by hosting one of the greatest sporting events the world has ever seen. This would truly establish Pakistan as

a revered country of the world.

This will also provide great entertainment for the Pakistani's who have not

witnessed a sporting event like this after the Cricket World Cup 1996. Yet

the cricket world cup can't even hold a candle to the Olympics. If the Olympics come to Pakistan, the government will have to make some more

sport complexes. People from all over the world will come pouring into Pakistan.

This is the sole reason I want the Olympics to come to Pakistan, for exploitation which is necessary for any endeavor in life.

Another reason I want the Olympics to come to Pakistan is that, the

people realize the potential of the Pakistani people and stop degrading the

Muslim countries for every single act of terrorism. If the Olympics come to

Pakistan people will finally pay attention to the Muslim community.

This is an issue I fell strongly about.

This section contains 318 words
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