Student Essay on Book/Movie Comparison of Out of Africa

Book/Movie Comparison of Out of Africa by Karen Blixen

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I found several differences between the book and the movie for "Out of Africa." Three of these differences will be discussed. They are, more romance in the movie, more action in the movie, and there was more of a main plot rather than a lot of short stories as there were in the book. These are just a few differences.

The first of the differences I found between the book and movie was that in the movie there was more romance. In the book there seemed to be much less romantic scenes. The movie went together better with the passionate parts where there was large gaps in time in the book. Much of the movie would not have made as much sense without the romance. All in all there was much more romance in the movie than the book.

The second difference I found was that there was a lot less action in the book than in the movie. Action in the movie also helped to fill in some gaps between stories from the book. This also made the movie more interesting and easier to bear with. The book however just drug on and on and didn't have much action, this was boring to many people. For the most part, the action in the movie made it more interesting.

Last but not least, I found that the movie had more of a main plot rather than many short stories apposed to the books many smaller plots. A movie needs more of a plot than the book had in order to make sense. The book lacked a main plot and therefore needed to be altered. Filling in the gaps between stories in order to make a main plot also enhanced the movie in many ways.

So all in all, there were many differences between the book and movie. For many people most of the add-ins made for a more interesting story.