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Tsitsi Dangarembga
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Why Is Tambu So Excited to Leave Her Home?

Summary: An overview of Tambu's excitement about beginning study at the mission school in Tsitsi Dangarembga's classic African novel Nervous Conditions. The novel is about the emancipation of a girl from a society in which women are marginalized.
Tambu is very happy when he first leaves home to begin studies at the mission school. She expects to find another identity,a new self.She breaks the patriarchal system and challenges the stereotypes that women are meant to look after children and to be confined to household chores.She comes out of the traditional aspect of women's role.

In addition, she is aware that education is a way out and that Babamukuru will take good care of her. She knows that her education is the key to her success and that she no longer to lead a miserable life.

Besides, Tambu knows that her emancipation is evident.She does not have to lead a life of peasant like before. She no longer has to work in the fields.

Moreover,at Babamukuru's place, she expects leisure and she will be encouraged to consider questions that have to do with survival of the spirit rather than mere sustenance of the body.

On top of this, there will no shortage of food and she will not go hungry.

At her uncle's place, there is no smoky kitchen and there is no risk of suffering from diseases such as bronchitis.She will not be frustrated.

Above all, her clothes will not be damaged by field works and she can keep herself clean without too much trouble.There are

tabs right inside the house where hot and cold water run.Her uncle's house is luxurious.

We do see that Tambu is indeed very excited to leave her home as she anticipates a much better life at her uncle's place. she is ready to challenge the patriarchal system and to look for a new self.She does not want to suffer like her parents and she knows that her leaving home will lead to her emancipation.

This section contains 303 words
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