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The Forgotten War

Summary: An overview of the Korean War, a conflict that is generally kept behind the shadows of history.
A new war had emerged and peace was again at risk. As the Korean conflict escaladed the United Nations began pulling in troops from all over the world to help fight in the efforts against the communist nations. There were two major sources of assistance between both sides. The US had supported the south with troops and aid against the communist north. The USSR supplied the north with weapons and aid.

The USSR had North Korea and China locked and loaded as the US had maintained troops in Korea to propel the foreign invaders. North Korea's communist nations had no strategic plans to match up against the allied forces. The US managed to push back the North Korean and Chinese back to the 38th parallel and held the cities underneath there belt. This conflict then brought in more focus on government issues.

However this extensive war had an effect on just about the whole world. It strained resources and caused many crises from oil to the economy. The USSR had exhausted their resources and fell apart. The US was on the edge of their resources. In the end more than 90 countries emerged from liberation and the USSR had fallen. The US and USSR's policies had played a central role in these countries and lead them to alternative governments.

The Korea's were divided and in turn, the south transitioned into a democratic government. On the other hand the north remained communist and still remains a threat. South Korea has strengthened with the help of the US and changed drastically over the course of 50 years or so. While North Korea had been through many crises among there people, there economy grew strong and there intelligence grew to a more threatening level.

This conflict stood quietly behind the shadows of history for it was not long when it became forgotten. Not a lot of attention or recognition has been given to the efforts of the soldiers who fought at this time. By no means, this war achieved a lot for South Korea and its people. For if it had not been for the US, the country would have been over taken by the North to become communist. For this war has dispersed into history as a war behind the shadows, but still remembered for its success.

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