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Why Is Oliver Twist Popular?

Summary: Although it is considered one of the most popular novels in world literature, Charles Dickens' novel Oliver Twist lacks the unique vision that is found in works such as Shakespeare's. However, Dickens' ability to amuse the reader contributes greatly to the story's popularity.
Oliver Twist is considered one of the most popular novels in the histroy of world literature. However, unlike what the reader may expect, it doesnot cotain the unique vision to human nature that exist in Shakespeare`s works.

In general, the novel introduces the most contradicting facets in human character:pure goodness represented in Oliver and wretchedness represented in many different characteres in the novel like Mr.Bumble. Moreover,all the novels`characters, expcet Nancy, are flat. Moreover, Dickens exxagrates the badness of his characters,for example Miss.Mann, she steeals children`s food and clothes and treats them in aruthless way. The reader cannot find anything good a bout her!On the other hand, there is Oliver, who is the goodness angel in the novel that evil fails to find his way to his heart! Moreover, Dickens strengthes his exaggration by using contrast. Oliver,the angel, challenges the rules of Mr.Bumble,the devil,when Oliver askes for some more.

However, the fact that noone can divid people into two categories spoils the greatness ofthe novel. Moreover, the reader sees people do evil but doesnot understaind why. Mr.Bumble treats Oliver badly and exploits other childrens without any clear reason. On the other hand,there is unnatural goodness in Oliver. It is impossiple to achild in his age to resist temptation with such a dmirable will that seldom a dults have!

Nevertheless, the reader may be confused about the reason that 'Oliver Twist' is so popular. I am sure that everyone will see a different reason. However, in my opinion, I think this is because the novel is extremely a musing. One doesnot feel thetime while reading it. Moreover, being an effective story a bout a child`s abuse granted to it a renewable effect upon different readers from different societies. Finally, I donot think that that the novel is about something unique. Poverity exists in all societies around the world-Perhapes worse than Oliver sees- but there is no writer can delineate it like Dickens.

All in all, whatever people say about Dickens, he is still one of the greatest novelists in English Literature.

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